Monday, April 11, 2011

Get out your telephone

I haven't figured out exactly how it works yet but I am relatively sure the code requires a telephone.  The only letters that never appear in the entirety of the two pages are Q and Z.  I find that to be too much of a coincidence.  I started writing a computer program on Sunday night to try to decode it using the first possible method I have devised.  Program isn't done yet though and can't work on it at the moment because I have to do the job I get paid to do.  :)


  1. Hey, your efforts are cool.
    The bus route idea is something I hadn't thought of.

    I thought of this:
    Is that 'telephone number' 267-776-5367? It seems too obvious, but ...

    I called that number tonight, it's a person, not an automated bus info line or anything like that. I didn't bother the person in case I'm wrong.

    You don't think any of these numbers could be IP addresses?

    It sure would help to know more about what the guy would possibly be capable of thinking about: IP addresses, bus's, phone numbers, drugs, lat and long --his level of sophistication would be a helpful vector. I'll assume English is his primary language of expertise.

    Thanks for your cool website and work on this. Not only is the challenge interesting, but to think of a guy being killed and noone knowing the why is too sad to let it rest.
    Tam Benson

  2. Sorry I just got around to reading this. That is an interesting point about the telephone number. Take a look at what I posted just tonight as combining those two thoughts could lead somewhere.

  3. I posted a reply to this but it sees when blogger died they had to lose some data to bring it back. If that is a telephone number as is it would be for philly who knows though as it could need some digit rearranging.