Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gambling references??

Others have put forth theories on this being gambling notes for a bookie.  I don't give that theory much weight because bookies can normally pay their bills and don't get evicted.  The word bets does appear a fair amount and I noticed red sox at the top of P1.  Here is an attachment in case anyone is interested.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Return to the bus route theory

Having the knowledge that Ricky was being evicted I am wondering if it is possible that these two pages could include information on his search for a new apartment.  I am going to look up apartment complex names aroud these bus routes to see if anything matches up with any of the code.  Also, the 71, 74, and 75 NCBE on the page with P1 at the top.  I wonder if those could be dates.  July 1, 4 and 5th.

A little light hearted guessing

A theory I briefly entertained but I don't think I posted about was that Ricky was jotting down notes about such things as Movies.  Some movies that came out around the time of his death that can be found in one form or another in the text are:

South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut  sprk and uncut clearly appear in the code.
Sixth Sense
200 Cigarettes

I have seen some others but I am curious if anyone else sees this.  I quickly moved on from this but thought I would revisit it here.

Only sort of Ricky related

I found it interesting the number of people that are interested in this topic from all over the world.  I know about Joseph from Spain as he actually comments but here are where some other recent visits were from.

United States
United Kingdom

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cleaned up image

I cleaned up the image that had all of the dark splotches on it.  There some areas I left unmodified since I wasn't 100 percent sure what the intended letters were.  I did this on a pixel by pixel level to minimize any mistakes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I hate when I find something out only to learn that others already knew

I was sifting through the MO court data involving Rick and an eviction.  I was getting ready to put in the info and was just going to do a Google map search when I found someone on web sleuths had pretty much covered it.  Rather than repost the info I will just like to it here.

The key points I think are his relationship with Sandra Jones and the address involved.  He was evicted just before he was killed so there may be something in the notes about this info.  This would be truly sad but imagine if he had been convicted and then got killed trying to get back home to his mom or one of the other places he sometimes lived.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ricky is not in the Social Security Death Index

I decided to go looking for Ricky the other day in the Social Security Death index using my Ancestry.com account.  I think I read somewhere he was on disability so you would think even if he never worked a day in his life he still would have had a number and been in their records.  The conspiracy theorist in me briefly came out and wondered if what the FBI is putting out there happened as they say it did.  I am never one to believe in such things but I have done extensive genealogy research in the past and everyone I know that has died in recent years has been in that index.  I might request the death certificate from the Missouri department of vital records assuming I am eligible to make that request.  I don't think you run into privacy with death records, only birth and marriage.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Patterns in Numbers

Ok so this post is going to be long because of the data I am going to post.  I wrote a program a while back to convert all the letters in the code to their places in the alphabet.  I thought this would help me look at the patterns without my brain being able to find words because it would not see any letters.  Now I could just be finding patterns in the numbers that aren't actually there but this pattern occurs on line 9

 (~6~~12~~18~~19~~5~ ~16~~18~~19~~5~ ~15~~14~~4~~5~ 71 ~14~~3~~2~~5~)

The first three digits are multiples of 6 with the fourth being 19 which breaks the pattern.  Unless you add the 5 in which case it becomes 24 which would be the next expected number.  The next grouping has 16,18,19.  The next group is 15,14 and then 4,5.  THen finally you have 14,3,2,5 which I suppose could be seen as 1,2,3,4,5 out of order.  I fully admit that this could mean nothing but these patterns exist all over the place in this document.  I ran some other random text through the same program such as the preamble to the constitution and the Gettysburg address and there was not a similar abundance of numerical patters,

 (~13~~14~~4~ ~13~~11~~14~~5~~13~~18~~19~~5~-~14~-~19~-~13~-~11~~14~~1~~18~~5~) (~1~~12~~19~~13~)

 ~20~~6~~18~~14~~5~ ~14~~16~~11~~14~~19~~5~ ~14~~16~~18~~19~~5~~18~~3~~2~~18~~14~~19~~5~~14~~16~~18~~19~~5~~9~~14~~3~

 ~16~~18~~19~~5~ ~14~ ~13~~18~~19~~5~ ~4~~16~~18~~5~ ~8~~12~~4~~23~~12~~4~~14~~3~~2~~5~(~20~~6~~24~~12~~6~~20~~3~~24~~12~~14~~3~~2~~5~)

~1~~12~-~16~~18~~16~~16~~9~~20~ ~24~~12~~25~ ~16~~16~~9~~25~~14~~3~~2~~5~~13~~7~~11~~19~~5~~23~~12~~4~~18~~3~~2~~18~~14~~19~~5~~16~~18~~19~~5~

 ~23~~12~~4~~18~~3~~2~~18~~14~~19~~5~ ~14~~20~==~14~~5~~14~~20~~24~~19~~5~-~3~~18~~19~~12~~5~-~3~~12~~20~~18~~19~~5~ ~23~~12~~4~~14~~3~~2~~5~


 (~14~~15~~16~~6~~19~~5~ ~14~~12~~19~~18~~5~ ~14~~3~~2~~5~)~14~~20~~5~ ~7~~4~~4~~13~~14~~19~~5~~14~~3~~21~~18~~5~~18~~3~~2~~18~~14~~5~

 (~20~~5~~14~~5~ ~20~~6~~18~~14~~5~ ~14~~3~~2~~18~~20~~19~~5~ ~14~~3~~2~~5~ ~12~~14~~3~)

 (~6~~12~~18~~19~~5~ ~16~~18~~19~~5~ ~15~~14~~4~~5~ 71 ~14~~3~~2~~5~)

 (~3~~4~~14~~19~~5~ ~16~~18~~19~~5~ ~15~~14~~19~=~5~ 74 ~14~~3~~2~~5~)

(~16~~18~+~19~~5~ ~16~~18~~19~~5~ ~15~~14~~18~~5~~4~~5~ 75 ~14~~3~~2~~5~)

 (~20~~6~==~3~~13~~19~~16~~19~~15~~12~~5~~13~~18~~4~~5~ ~12~~21~~19~~5~ ~20~~15~~20~~5~ ~23~~12~~4~ ~14~ ~23~~12~~4~ ~14~ ~3~~2~~5~)

 (194 ~23~~12~~4~'~19~ ~14~~3~~2~~5~)(~20~~18~~6~~24~~12~)

~1~~12~~16~~14~~20~~5~ ~7~~12~~19~~5~-~19~~5~ ~5~~18~+~5~




~4~~22~~12~~13~~20~6~20~~21~~14~~19~~5~ ~14~~3~~2~~5~~3~












~8~~13~~3~~18~~5~~14~~13~~18~~5~~19~~3~~2~~5~ 1/2~13~~21~~14~~4~~4~~12~~19~~5~

~4~-~23~-~13~-~25~~8~~9~~12~ ~24~~4~~18~~12~~24~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I haven't given up I have just been busy

Some things I have noticed as of late which hopefully I will have more time to go into at some point.  Many of the letters that don't look right look perfect when the page is held at a 90 degree angle.

A few crazy theories I have gone through since my last posting involve, TV, Oprah and Movies.  I will try to start posting more as well as posting some marked up visuals that show what I am talking about.

A final thing is that everyone pretty much seems to assume that the circled P1 means page 1.  If you look on that page however there is another P1 in the coded text and it has a tiny mark like a superscript 1 just before it as if to remind him of some importance in decoding the document.