Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ricky is not in the Social Security Death Index

I decided to go looking for Ricky the other day in the Social Security Death index using my account.  I think I read somewhere he was on disability so you would think even if he never worked a day in his life he still would have had a number and been in their records.  The conspiracy theorist in me briefly came out and wondered if what the FBI is putting out there happened as they say it did.  I am never one to believe in such things but I have done extensive genealogy research in the past and everyone I know that has died in recent years has been in that index.  I might request the death certificate from the Missouri department of vital records assuming I am eligible to make that request.  I don't think you run into privacy with death records, only birth and marriage.


  1. But in 2nd note, last line,last word is: "xorlx" is the signature of Mccormack in code. Look the letter X repeats itself. X=mC, C, and CK.
    and L=M by code cesar b or +1.

    Remember Poe´s short story "The gold bug".

    The last line of 2nd note said: "O-W-N-4 H8L XORLX" is "own-for i am mccormick" because the hyphen join the letters and word, 4= four= for (phonetic),H=I by code cesar +1, 8=eit phonetic= ei phonetic a=A and L=M by code cesar +1.
    Another Obama´s birth certificate case?.

  2. I don't think that third character is an N. I also don't think the first character is an O. It looks like a D to me but there is an O four lines up and it does not look like that.

  3. I accept. The third character is "m" then "m" is "n" on having used the code cesar +1, and the hyphen join letters equals or not equals.

    But, you can accept that: the group of letters "WLD" means "would" and the letter "D" it has another form?. It looks at the group "WLD" in the last line of the first note: "WLD´S" is "would is"?

    Since i can know all the time did to Mccormick still had it of life after his visit to the doctor?

    Good nights-bye.