Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gambling references??

Others have put forth theories on this being gambling notes for a bookie.  I don't give that theory much weight because bookies can normally pay their bills and don't get evicted.  The word bets does appear a fair amount and I noticed red sox at the top of P1.  Here is an attachment in case anyone is interested.

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  1. Then..where is the money or the debt?

    I suggest look in the end of the line 12 and the beginning of the line 13:

    12- " ...n mRE", 13- "99.84.S 2 u n E PLSE n c8se...".

    I think that it means:
    12- "and more 13- 99.840 $ to you and i please and(or "in") case...". The point explains the correct number, but another possibility is the number 99.845.

    I suppose that they gave to him an indemnification for imprisoning an innocent man and to make him free before time. I cannot verify it.

    Good nights from Spain.