Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I hate when I find something out only to learn that others already knew

I was sifting through the MO court data involving Rick and an eviction.  I was getting ready to put in the info and was just going to do a Google map search when I found someone on web sleuths had pretty much covered it.  Rather than repost the info I will just like to it here.

The key points I think are his relationship with Sandra Jones and the address involved.  He was evicted just before he was killed so there may be something in the notes about this info.  This would be truly sad but imagine if he had been convicted and then got killed trying to get back home to his mom or one of the other places he sometimes lived.


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  1. This information can explain the last line of the first note and the topic or plot: He remembers his life:

    "(i 94 WLD´S n CBE)....(TRFXL)"
    "(i 1994 would is and do been)..(terrifying came)"

    From August 1993 until July 1994 he was in prison and this was terrifying for him.

    Then: i=i, 94= date 1994, WLD´S=would is (shorthand), n=and, C=D=to do (shorthand), BE=beE=been (phonetic), TRF=terrify or Terrifying (Shorthand), XL= Come or Came (X=MC,C, or CK; L=M code cesar +1).

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