Friday, June 17, 2011

Some things I forgot to post here

on the page labeled notes.

line five the sixth character is a 6
line ten, the seventh character in from the left is a 7, the seventh character in from the right is also a 7

Also on line ten it starts with what looks like a crossed out 1 followed by 6mLSE7
assuming the first character is a 1 you have 16mLSE7 if the m is actually a sideways 3 and the S is actually a 5 you have 163L5E7 which makes the 1,3,5, and 7 appear in the proper sequence for the line.


  1. My possible translation note 2 and line 1 to 5 is

    1)-All quit and tied. Home is ease. Err cossed.
    2)-Way lose met is ease. This excess effort see...
    3)-...quit and rather see on praise would not (it) had been....
    4)-...and would came are had miss quit and i would is this me came.
    5)- Bulk met zest you and see and (it)´d became.

    Does this interpretation of note 2 from line 1 to 5 has some meaning for you?

    To err is human.


  2. correction: Err Crossed. + = Cross


  3. on line 10 it is not a 1 crossed out because the 1 is darker than the other

  4. and the p on the 11th line 7th from the right is not a p because the stem on the p is darker than the rest also because the other p's do not have a line going from the top backwards