Saturday, June 18, 2011

Working on some modified images

The WLD that appears throughout when turned the LD actually resembles a lower case e.


  1. ---Here is the treasure map and the Mccormick´s shorthand notes transcribed to English. A possible solution to FBI:

    ---Goodbye,i´m going on vacation.

  2. Hello

    ++ It appears that the FBI and local police lied to the family of McCormick:

    "Code Dead: Do the encrypted writings of Ricky McCormick hold the key to his mysterious death?"
    - By Christopher Tritto (published: June 14, 2012).

    McCormick's mother, Frankie Sparks, says:
    "They told us the only thing in his pockets was the emergency - room ticket,"
    "Now, twelve years later, they come back with this chicken-scratch shit."

    -In the links I mentioned above can read the full story.

    -It seems that everyone thought that Ricky was a idiot and the family was misled or not informed of police/FBI investigations.

    -These guys from the FBI ...... trying to trick a sweet and helpless old lady.

    Bye from Spain,

  3. Dan & Joseph: At this late date, it is anyone's guess what has gone on,
    or failed to function in this case. With regards to local enforcement, I think cops, usually have an overworked caseload, and a thankless task of crime solving...usually.(This overlooks the very real possibility that there must be corruption somewhere, and realistically, sometimes present.) Was a thorough investigation undertaken by ( local authorities or U.S. HUD? Was the housing McCormick or his family lived in or near, toxicity? Did the powers that be learn of this, or did they learn too late, or was said investigation very largely the realm of fiction? RE: FBI. Recall that Bureau
    agents correctly inferred in this selfsame year or thereabouts about the possibility of aircraft being used for terrorisitic attacks, the Agents were not, repeat, wrong, they just were not listen to by the power structure. What did they do after 9/11, this selfsame power structure acheive, further duplication of bureaucratic inertia? I think the Bureau units, again, are correct in inferring the "Notes" are a code of some sort. They are wrong, however, in believing that McCormick was either the author of the notes, or his sad, terrible fate.